Top 5 Ways to Save on Your Homeowners Policy

There are five things you need to know to achieve policy discounts on your homeowner’s policy.

When you want to save on your home insurance, there are several ways to do so. There are all sorts of policy discounts and you want to be aware of them all so you can lower your premium. Some may already be in place and some may surprise you by how to save some money.

The top way to save is by making sure you do some comparison shopping. You cannot make the assumption that you have gotten the best rate without checking with a few other companies. After you have gotten quotes from three or four companies, you can then get insured with confidence.

Another way to save is to obtain a multi-policy discount. If you get your homeowner’s policy with the same company that you have your auto, life, or medical insurance from, you can likely save money. This is because the insurance company sees you as a valued customer and wants to keep you happy.

Another way is to install a security system and have it monitored. When you make an effort to keep your home safe, the insurance company will recognize this. One of the top claims is that of theft and this will be minimized if you have a security system.

Yet another way is to have security film installed on your windows. This not only helps your home with energy efficiency, but protects in the event that something is thrown at your window. If your windows are less likely to break, it minimizes the claims.

The final way to try and get policy discounts is to talk to a representative and find out what associations you belong to that could potentially provide you with a discount. This can include AARP as well as various employer and veteran associations.

It never hurts to ask about discounts and you may qualify for more than one. Even after you get the discounts, find out what else you can do to your home to reduce your premium even further.